Monday, April 07, 2008

SBA Advocacy - A List of 2008's Rules for Potential Reform

I've received a couple of requests in the last month that were looking for a listing of the current issues that concern small business owners. These are typically the legislative agenda items for such groups as the National Federation of Independent Businesses or the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Related to those is the current "Top 10 List of Current Rules for Review and Reform," published each March by SBA's Office of Advocacy. According to their most recent issue of The Small Business Advocate, the list was drawn from over 80 rules nominated by small business owners as those whose reform or removal would be most beneficial.

As you'll see, all of these items concern current requirements as mandated by Federal agencies. Some are very industry-specific (e.g., EPA should revise outdated or inaccurate testing requirements for dry cleaners), while others have a much broader (and larger) target audience (such as the request that the IRS simplify the home office business deduction). Additional information on each issue can be had by clicking on the appropriate link.

This website makes no mention as to how progress might be made in getting these reforms to pass. Have a look, though, and see if any might affect any current clients of yours. Contact information for people within the Advocacy office is at the bottom of the page, and they might be able to assist in providing answers to any questions.

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