Monday, May 19, 2008

File Converting Website

We have Adobe Standard on our desktops, which helps us convert Word documents, images, PowerPoint slides, spreadsheets, and the like into PDF files.

If you don't have this, here's one way to (freely) convert your stuff: a site called KoolWire. In addition to PDF, this site enables you to convert files into MP3, RTF, or WAV formats. On the home page, simply select (in Step 1) the format you want the item converted to. Click "start," and it will open a formatted email. Attach the file (or files - you can do more than one) to that email, click send, and await the results.

If your file (or files) are more than 10 MB in size, they require you to upload through their website instead of by email.

As for other file formats, check out the "KoolVersion Rules" link along the bottom of the home page.

As a test, I sent them a Word file earlier today. It was 54K in size, and took about 90 seconds to be turned around back to me. Pretty cool (with a "c," not a "k").

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