Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thriving in Lean Times

Trying to stay on the bright side? I'm sure we'll be reading more about how we can conserve and make the most of what we have. Encouragement may come in the form of an article in Inc. magazine: Starting up in a Down Economy which looks at companies that got started in lean times. Some of the examples are household names like Coors, IBM, Domino's, Wikipedia, and Clif.

On a more personal (financial) note, The Simple Dollar looks at protecting oneself and succeeding in challenging times.

MSN Money: Smart Spending has a bit on it as well: Preparing for and Surviving an Economic Downturn Jan 11 2008 by Karen Datko

And from Small Business Notes comes Surviving an Economic Downturn with tips specifically geared to small business owners.

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