Friday, May 09, 2008

Searching for NAICS Codes

I would like to start this blog by saying what a pleasure it was to meet most of you at this week's staff training. It was a wonderful opportunity to add faces to the names that are becoming familiar.

During this week's training, at the session regarding the updated MQS system that will debut next Spring, a point was made that the NAICS search function within the current MQS system is difficult to use at times. I would like to offer an alternative. The NAICS codes are listed online with definition throught the Census. Although the NAICS search function within MQS searches the text of the Census' NAICS directory, there is a way to do a tiered search of the directory.

The search starts with one of twenty broad industry categories. For example, Construction codes begin with 23. After Construction is selected, searchers can choose Construction of Buildings (236), Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction (237), or Specialty Trade Contractors (238). After a three digit code is selected, searchers can choose more specific selections to find the desired six digit NAICS code.


Maureen Goodlander said...

I like to use the following site because it allows you to search by keyword.

Anonymous said...

Alexis -- I've been using this US Census site when doing MQS client intake:

It’s handy to do a key-word search especially for those unusual businesses that don’t always fit neatly into NAICS categories.