Friday, May 16, 2008

How To Do Almost Everything

Suppose you want to open an ice cream parlor. You like ice cream, you know most people like ice cream, and the city that you live in doesn't have an ice cream parlor. Sounds like a great idea for a business. Except for the fact that you have never worked in an ice cream parlor and really have no idea how to make, keep, or serve ice cream. Where would you go to learn the basics?

On Wednesday, May 7th the Wall Street Journal ran an article entitled "How to Teach Yourself How to do Almost Anything." In the article, a few websites were listed sources where interested individuals, including my hypothetical ice cream parlor owner, can go to find instructional videos.

Howcast - Cool how-to videos and guides from cutting-edge filmmakers, savvy experts, - and you!

How To Videos on Wonder How To - Video Instructions, Tutorials, and Hacks

eHow - How To Do Just About Everything

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Sam said...

Thanks for the info. Now... is there a converse to this sight, "How to NOT do almost everything"!? I'm tired... it's Friday!!