Monday, May 26, 2008

Grants Database

Everyone has a story to tell about a client who wants/needs a grant for their business. We know from experience that there are very, very few (if any) grants for private, for-profit businesses.

Despite this experience, some clients are likely to insist that the money is "out there," somewhere.

If they insist, then send them to It's just been released. It promotes itself as a free website where information on grant funding possibilities can be found.

From their home page:
"We believe that this information should be freely available, especially because grants are so desperately needed by people and organizations that may not be able to afford subscription fees or a professional grant researcher."

We're one of those organizations that have paid an annual fee for a database that we've used for your grants requests over the years (and that fee went up this year, and will go up again next year).

GrantGopher requires a free registration to access the information. In addition, it offers tips on grant writing, as well as how to conduct searches so as to get the best results.

From a recent press release:
"This service is offered to anyone interested in finding grant funding. While there are fewer grants available for individuals or small businesses (emphasis mine), does incorporate them in the database. Grant awards range from $300 into the millions, and are included from every source available, including community, family, and corporate foundations, as well as departments of local, county, state and federal government agencies."

It's worth a try . . .

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Sam said...

If you read the FAQ... at least they are honest about grants -- or the lack thereof -- for for profits. That's commendable.