Monday, January 05, 2009

Sleep, Perchance to Work

I think the reasons why so many New Year's resolutions bite the dust is a lack of energy (and not a lack of will). By the end of the work day, after the caffeine has worn off, I don't have the drive to get to the gym, nor the wherewithal to take the time to make a better meal.

As I've written before, we all could use a bit more sleep - specifically, an afternoon nap. It's not an idle fantasy (except, perhaps, in the mind of Jim King). Here's a website that advocates the services of Dr. Sara Mednick, who founded a consultancy called Take a Nap as a means of spreading her belief that American work productivity can be improved by brief power naps in the afternoon. She states that companies annually lose millions of dollars in absenteeism, illness, and just plain dopiness caused by employees who are too zoned out to get things done efficiently throughout the work day.

If you live in the metro New York area, you could duck out mid-day and visit Yelo. This company does not promote itself as a spa, or as a medical facility. Rather, it's designed to be an oasis in the middle of Manhattan, where weary people can make appointments to take 20- to 40-minute naps in their private cabins (called YeloCabs, where, hopefully, you don't hear the sound of Michael Bloomberg's voice telling you to buckle up).

If you're an upstate New Yorker like me, then you might have to make do with making a sleep space under your desk. No joke - tell the boss that you sleeping is for his or her own good.

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Anonymous said...

The are other nap products you can use anywhere, especially for those not in NY. It's called Nap26.