Friday, January 16, 2009

Working Knowledge

I've been doing more abstract research lately, particularly for people who'll be presenting on one macroeconomic topic or another. Recently, while handling one such query, I came across an article called "Marketing Your Way Through a Recession," written by John Quelch, a professor at the Harvard Business School. This is precisely the kind of information that our advisors are seeking out during this recession, and I liked it quite a bit.

These and other articles are indexed at the HBS' Working Knowledge website, a collection of articles on a wide breadth of business-related topics that were written by members of the School's faculty. There, you can browse articles by topic, by industry, or by date. They've an assorted collection of podcasts, and a nice overview of what they consider to be the best things they've featured in 2008.

The articles don't read like required texts for MBA programs, and are rooted in real-life situations. The site will be a regular stop on my research train.

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