Friday, January 23, 2009

Technology and the White House

Does the White House Have Wi-Fi?
By: Chris Dannen
Is the White House more of a museum than a working office? Does it even have WiFi?

Talk about culture shock. Apparently the Obama team are taking a step back technologically at least for the time being. At a time when we have reduced faith in the security of our technologies how do they manage in the White House? Apparently Obama won't part with his blackberry so I wonder what the compromise will be.

And another story about the bumpy technological transition on Salon:

You Don't Have Mail
In the tech-challenged White House, the prez's Blackberry-savvy aides feel like they've stumbled into the Carter administration.
By Mike Madden
At least this is almost a guarantee that improvements to the system will be made and perhaps with improvements to internet security we can all enjoy.

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