Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Do Good AND Do Well

I recently worked on a question about getting a business to want to contribute to a non-profit. (It was more complex than that, but that'll do for this purpose.)

In researching the query, I came across Business Nonprofit CONNECTIONS, Inc. The About Us page poses this question: "Is your company’s giving making a difference in your community...and your bottom line?"

The founder and CEO of the company, Susan Hyatt, "provides small and mid-sized companies with ideas and tools for actively managing their community impacts and giving strategies." Also, there's a lot of free, useful advice in blog articles and links to other resources at the site. And I've been getting some start-up e-mails from her that are commonsensical but useful; e.g., "Lesson One - Your Business is NEVER 'Too Small' To Make A Difference." One can sign up for a "free 12-page report, Great Gifts That Make a Difference, for ideas on alternative giving this holiday season and receive a complimentary subscription" to the Business Giving Strategies newsletter.

And Business Nonprofit CONNECTIONS "walks the walk", as can be seen in its participation with nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations.

It is well-known that charitable organizations are taking a hit in these recessionary times. A business can still find a way to give, and get something out of it as well.

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