Friday, December 11, 2009

Securing a Bank Loan for Your Small Business

The last two years have seen a decrease in business loans from lending institutions, despite the best efforts of the government and other organizations that assist businesses with securing financing. Below are some articles that can help you secure a loan for your small business.

Come Prepared - Small businesses can improve the chances of getting a bank loan by laying the groundwork (The Albany Business Review)

Trust Me - For entrepreneurs looking to gain credibility, it's often the little things that count (The Wall Street Journal)

How to secure financing for your small business (

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Martin Small said...

Good advice! Not every small business can qualify for a bank loan, especially today. There are other options, one being a business cash advance. It’s cash given up front to businesses when they need it. Depending on how much monthly revenue the business brings in, they don’t have to make monthly payments like with small business loans; instead small debits are automatically taken from batched credit card sales which make repaying the money much easier.