Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Well, not really, but I needed a title to tie-in the season with this recent article from Small Business Trends, called the "Top 10 Homepreneur Trends for 2010".

(Aside - why do so many year-end lists [or lists in general] come in a multiple of 10? Is it a common number of toes, or fingers? Anyway, it's not my list, so they can do what they like.)

The article reveals the neologism "homepreneur," which I wasn't familiar with until today. Regardless, we frequently receive questions from advisors as to what home-based businesses are hot. Keep these in mind.

Now, should a person enter into a home-based businesses because he or she is limited, for one reason or another, to the home, and that choosing amongst this list would yield something more promising than something that isn't hot? Or should this list be read by someone who has talent and experience in one of these fields, and decides to start out a career in the field by starting in the home? I realize that this is the subject for an entirely different blog post, but I'd assume the latter would have a better shot at making a home-based business work than the former.

Great clients bring their gifts for us to share. 'Tis the season for giving gifts. Enjoy the holidays, everyone.

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