Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Listen to Bcast:, the Palo Alto Software podcast

The folks at have completed the first full season of their podcast, The Bcast. They're on hiatus now, so this is a great time for you to catch up on all the episodes.
Season one covered a wide range of topics to help you start and run a better business, from bank loans and lean business planning, to niche marketing and customer service.
Here are some of season one's most popular episodes:

  • Episode 9: Lean Business Planning with Tim Berry
    Tim Berry unpacks the methodology behind lean planning.
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  • Episode 10: How to Pitch Your Business
    Tips and tools to nail your next business pitch.
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  • Episode 12: How to Define Your Target Market
    If you try to reach "everyone," you'll end up convincing no one.
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  • Episode 14: Be Your Own Boss
    The pros and cons of being in charge of everything.
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