Friday, January 15, 2016

Social Media Planning - Worksheet #5 - Social Media Platforms

This week we’re sharing some helpful worksheets you can use to evaluate and plan your social media marketing.  They come from our “SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR SMALL BUSINESS” planning guide.  Come in to your local SBDC for a copy of this book - 65 pages of step-by-step social media instructions.  

Social Media Marketing Worksheet #5: Social Media Platforms

Choose the platforms that will be best for your business and focus your energy on doing those platforms well. Don’t try to manage social media accounts on every platform out there. Select the ones that will work best with your company culture, brand vision, and available resources. Once you’ve decided which social networks you want to join, use this worksheet as an example for organizing your account information in one location. Keep this information updated and on hand. It will be especially helpful if you have multiple people managing the company’s social media accounts.

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