Monday, June 13, 2005

Business Credit Reports

Every blue moon, an advisor will call the Research Network looking for a "D&B report" for this company or that. A comprehensive D&B credit report costs $130 (though they offer other reports, with less information, for fewer dollars).

However, we just learned of an alternative worth exploring. Experian - one of the three main credit reporting agencies in the U.S. - offers on their Web site what they call Smart Business Reports. At this page, you can view their sample reports. Their deluxe model (called "ProfilePlus") offers much of the same information found in D&B's comprehensive report, including:
  • business history
  • credit summary (including credit score)
  • average amount owed each month
  • monthly payment trends
  • an itemized list of recent trade payments
  • bank & insurance carrier information
  • current leases
  • any existing or recently-settled tax liens and UCC filings
All of this can be had for just $44.95. Even better, if you run a search for a particular company in Experian, they will tell you (unlike D&B) whether they have extensive data for that firm, so you don't waste your money.

From now on, the Research Network will turn to Experian first. Their data is respected, and their price is right. You - and your clients - should consider it as well.


Anonymous said...

So, is the Research Network gonna PAY for those reports? After all, they're practically ONE-THIRD of the D&B price!

Darrin Conroy said...

Uh, no. But the price is much more reasonable for our small business clients than the D&B equivalent. Experian is just another option available to them.