Monday, June 20, 2005

WebMQS & Research Network hours

As you know, the Research Network has taken it upon itself to enter the research time into the new WebMQS that it expends on behalf of clients. It saves work for the advisor, and serves as a management tool for the library. Because of this, advisors will not see "Research Network" or "Central Library" in any drop-down menu at their disposal.

However, we've lately noticed that some advisors assign the time spent in phoning or e-mailing an information request (usually 0.1 or 0.2 hours) to the case record. We know this because an attempt is made to assign this time specifically to the Research Network. Since there's no "Research Network" option in any drop-down menus, some advisors assign this time to existing choices (such as "National Library" or "Albany SBDC Assistance") that haven't earned it.

The proper procedure when communicating with the Research Network for a specific client is to enter the expended time under Prep hours, and assign it to the advisor working on the case.

The time ought to be captured. However, there's no need to assign it to the Research Network. Assign it to yourself.

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