Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Census Data for New York City

There is great information available on the pages of the U.S. Census Bureau, down to the smallest hamlet. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get Census data for the neighborhoods of New York City, such as Greenpoint/Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Lower East Side/Chinatown in Manhattan, or Elmhurst/Corona in Queens from the Census page, because they are not considered "real" entities. You COULD look at some maps and try to combine Census blocks (tedious) or use ZIP Codes (very imprecise).

The best solution is to use the page from the New York City Planning Department. It defines 59 community districts, including 12 in the Bronx, 18 in Brooklyn, 12 in Manhattan, 14 in Queens, and 3 in Staten Island. In other words, the City Planning Department has taken Census data and has done the complicated neighborhood statistical calculations for you. In addition to demographic data, the district profiles include land use data, "public and private schools, parks, public safety, health, mental health and other social service facilities."

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