Monday, June 06, 2005

Searching for NAICS codes

Roger presented information on NAICS codes at the recent staff training in Lake Placid. It was necessary because you'll need this information to enter the right code in the new WebMQS.

For those who weren't at the workshop, I thought it'd be useful to pass on a search tip for finding the right NAICS code. In the new WebMQS, when you're in the "Add Initial Case" section, you'll notice that Al Scher provided a link to "Code Definitions" to the left of the "NAICS Code" field:

When you click on this, you'll notice a search box in the upper right (with the phrase "Enter keyword"). Enter a word that best describes the case at hand. The results you see are those codes that use that word. (The search box is accessing a database that is the equivalent of the 400-page Alphabetic Index, found near the back of the print version of the 2002 NAICS Manual). If you don't have access to the book, you at least have access to its index via this Web site.

For example, enter "restaurant," and you'll see 11 entries. The NAICS code exists in the middle column. Click on the NAICS number to get a fuller description of what this code entails.

I'm working with Al to add a feature to the Add Initial Case page. Each item in the Business Type drop-down menu is a broad NAICS category. I've asked Al if he'd add the two-digit number that is associated with each category. For instance, "Accommodation and Food Services" will be prefaced with a "72". I hope for this feature to be available soon.

If you're not familiar with NAICS, it can be tough to try & guess which Business Type is applicable. I suggest using the "Code Definitions" first to find the right NAICS code. Make note of its first two digits - these will be your guide when using the Business Type drop-down. Go back into WebMQS, and select that Business Type, and then select the NAICS code you've already determined.

Hopefully, that will make this process a LOT easier.


Erika said...

As you have stated it is easy to find the NAICS code, but then determining which "business type" it falls under is a completely different ballgame. I think your idea for the first two digits of the NAICS next to the business type is a wonderful idea and will save a heck of a lot of time. Good thinking guys.

Anonymous said...

Putting the first 2 digits of the NAICS before the Business Type is almost done with review. Look for it soon!