Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

I checked out an article entitled Population Out-Migration from Upstate New York to see how my area (Troy) was doing and was surprised to see the Albany-Schenectady-Troy area is actually growing in population. Glens Falls was the leader with Rochester in third.
This is a good site for information on national and local economic indicators, particularly the newsletter, even if the news isn’t always good.

Upstate New York Newsletter
is published by the Buffalo branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, it covers issues like tourism, the upstate economy under NAICS, and business cycles among other statistics.

Empire State Manufacturing Survey
For business conditions for manufacturers in the State including business outlook. The report covers inventories, orders, delivery time, employees and shipments overall. A broad overview.

The Beige Book
is a report published 8 times a year with information on current conditions, including consumer spending in various industries including tourism, and commercial real estate markets.

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