Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mother of Invention

Inventors…a topic near and dear to us all. If you’ve come to us on behalf of an inventor, you may have seen these sources. You may appreciate them for reinforcing any realism you may be trying to encourage.

The Patent Café – Inventors’ Café

Offers a step by step look at the process of getting a product to market including patent information and a bit on scams to beware of. They are selling something – inventor’s journals, and starter kit but there is a nice brief summary of the process and a good links page.

The Entrepreneur Network (TEN)

Not to be confused with Entrepreneur Magazine, this site is very good from the point of view of offering advice to the absolute beginner. They are a program of the Zimmer Foundation and are affiliated with SCORE (though they do give SBDCs a plug on their site). This site includes a lot of very good articles on every aspect of inventing and book reviews and also includes a list of inventor evaluation services.

Will it Sell? How to Determine if your Invention is Profitably Marketable (Before Wasting Money on a Patent) offered by James E. White & Associates.

Information on idea development, patents, licensing and an in-depth look at the entire inventing process with sobering advice. The author has developed an extensive list of links for all aspects of inventing and may give clients an idea of just how much research goes into developing any product.

Lastly… The National Inventors Hall of Fame which wins points from me for being such a nicely designed site – both clean and playful, it offers profiles of major inventors and inventions as well as guidance and information on contests and conventions.

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