Thursday, July 13, 2006

Clip Culture

With broadband Internet access, comes the ability to do more, share more, in particular, the sharing of short clips, vlogs etc. Like when brief segments of video were circulated of the tsunami hitting a coastal hotel, or various humorous tidbits, stupid pet tricks, sports highlights and now more regularly, ads, and news stories. These video clips have for the most part been supplied by amateurs but I’m sure will become more popular in the business world.
To help get businesses going, there is Coull, a British company, here to rescue those without video editing knowledge and get them playing too. They offer a software product called coullvlogger that allows the user to edit and upload video simply and quickly. Lycos offers JubiiBlog, a blogging service available in 7 European countries, is now using the coullvlogger tool to enable users to vlog for free. Another opportunity for business owners to get creative!

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