Monday, July 24, 2006

Daily Candy

If you work at Central, you have the option of getting candy every day. However, that's not why I blog.

Recently, I did a request for a client who wanted to open an environmentally-friendly cleaning business. As with many research requests, this one included an inquiry as to how to begin marketing this type of service.

During my work, I came across the aforementioned Daily Candy site. It promotes itself as being "The Insider's Guide to the Sweet Life". It has several online "editions," each focusing on a specific metro area. One for New York City is available. Once there, the site fancies itself as a broadcaster of what's new, hip, or innovative in that city's scene - fashion, food & drink, beauty, etc.

So I read an article on a "green" cleaning service that promoted itself through this site. It exists for businesses to promote themselves (as long as they meet the site's criteria), as well as for people looking for such places. If any of your businesses have that element of "cool," then have them visit this page. They can click on "Contact Us" to read about how they can advertise on the site, or they can look around for innovative ideas used by others in their area.

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