Monday, July 17, 2006

An advisor recently called me on behalf of a client, who sought legal information relating to commercial leases. I'm very leery about passing as a legal research expert (that's a whole other world of librarianship, unknown to me).

However, there does exist a site that attempts to provide insight into common legal issues (both individual- and business-related). It's called, and its home page breaks down its contents into several recognizable broad categories (bankruptcy & debt, real estate, intellectual property, and so forth). By drilling down from there, you'll eventually encounter articles written in clear language that provide brief, introductory articles relating to a specific subject.

The site is also useful for finding attorneys in the numerous specialties within the legal profession. is similar in intent to the web site for Nolo Press. They're a publisher of self-help legal books, and have been mentioned in previous Research Network blog posts.

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