Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tasty Business

Grants are not so easy to find. So when I saw an article about a grant awarded to a company that sold New York food products, I wanted to know just who it was giving out this free money. Turns out it was New York State’s Grow New York program, a “multi-faceted program that assists the economic development efforts of New York's agricultural production, processing and marketing industries.”
More information can be found at:
Looks like a good resource for those food entrepreneurs.

From this site it is just a hop to the Farm & Market Search through the NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets.
While the library has a paper copy of the Farm Fresh Guide, there is an online version as well:
This database has information on different farm products or services organized by region or county, particularly useful for restaurants wanting to use local products. There is also the Farmers’ Market guide, listing farmers’ markets by county,


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