Thursday, July 06, 2006


Licensing is a form of strategic alliance which involves the sale of a right to use certain proprietary knowledge (so called intellectual property) in a defined way. The intellectual property may be registered publicly, for example in the form of a patent or trademark, as a means of establishing ownership rights. Or, it may be retained within the firm: referred to as know-how, it is commonly based on operational experience.

LIMA or the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association
Who publish the Who’s Who Licensing Resource Directory and compile statistics and other information on the industry as well as organize an annual convention. Their website has licensing database available to members and a database of licensing agents and consultants open to all.

Licensing and Licensing Agreements in a Nutshell
also The Royalty Deal
byRobert Townsend, Attorney At Law
Is a good overview article on licensing and other information for inventors from a legal standpoint.

About Inventors
Turning an Invention Idea into Money
From Mary Bellis, Lesson Nine: How Do I License an Invention?
Another source for information on licensing and inventing.

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