Wednesday, March 07, 2007

2006 Product Placement Awards

While this may not be hot off the presses, I still thought Brandchannel's 2006 Product Placement Awards interesting enough to merit a little blog space.

2006 was the third year for this series, distributing such honors as "Lifetime Achievement Award for Product Placement," (Everlast. Every boxing movie has a set of gloves), "Wayne's World Award for Product Placement" (for making fun of product placement. 06 winner = Thank You for Smoking) and 2006 Award for Those Who Were Paying Attention (In mocking War of the Worlds, Scary Movie 4 created a scene with the same Penzoil box held by Tom Cruise in WotW).

The grand winner? Ford. Ford cars appeared in 17 of 41 of the top grossing movies of 2006.

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