Monday, March 26, 2007

Internet Crime Report - 2006

Who among you haven't had a client who wonders or worries about being taken in an online scam? It's a topic I've written about since we developed this blog.

Since e-mail & the Internet aren't going away soon, it might be helpful to you & your clients to read the Internet Crime Report: 2006. It's a 27-page report issued from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (the IC3), and it provides insights into the current trends being used to con people out of their money via electronic means.

(You can just read the highlights here, too.)

The report identifies nine broad types of online fraud, including identity theft, investment fraud, phishing, spamming, cyberstalking, and other nasty things. Appendix II of the report offers tips on how to avoid falling prey to perpetrators, too.

The report represents just a fraction of the online fraud that goes on. Most crimes don't get reported. If you or any of your clients feel like they've been victimized, have them go to this section of the IC3 website:

Valid complaints then get forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement or regulatory agency. Bookmark this site, and keep it in mind should you need it.

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