Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Conference Board

Sometimes I forget about some excellent sources for infomation when I don't have a call for them nowadays. One of them is The Conference Board. With the current market scares and worries about the economy, I had a peek at the website of this service that I have always been much more familiar with in their paper newsletters (circa 1991). Of course there is alot of stuff on their site, much of it for members only but with a number of free articles. This is one on the Conference Board Review Article: Outook 2007 A Long and Winding Road by Gail Foster They also cover other issues like older workers and many other management issues, like decision-making and marketing. They are known of course for their consumer confidence index, leading economic indicators, research reports on a wide variety of topics like directors' compensation, international markets as well as their organization charts.

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