Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Reading the Fine Print

Hooray for Edgar Dworsky.

Dworsky runs Consumerworld.org, which highlights consumer issues of general interest to the public. He says he scans 1,000 news stories a day to find links for his site. The site is funded by commissions from a shopping comparison tool and a long-distance service on the site.

Now he has started Mouseprint.org; the name refers to "print so small that only a mouse could see it." The site discloses that really small print at the bottom of some advertisements and those really fast-talking disclaimers on radio or TV ads. Here's one recent example:

A $400 airline ticket will require 60,000 points. To earn 60,000 points under Capital One’s revised system where every dollar spent earns 1.25 points on their regular card [up from 1 point], you would have to purchase $48,000 worth of goods and services.

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