Thursday, March 22, 2007

Innovation & Brainstorming

InnovationTools provides entrepreneurs and innovators with a focused, growing collection of the best resources on business innovation, creativity and brainstorming. Our goal is to help you to learn more about the tools, strategies and techniques you can use to be more creative in your business -- and to help your company to increase its capacity for innovation and change.

Brainstorming tools:

A little about creative thinking and problem solving:
Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking Skills
Scott Isaksen's and Donald Treffinger's critical thinking and creative thinking model.
By Mary Bellis adapted from materials written by the USPTO

Mindmapping blog:
focuses entirely on mind-mapping and lists many mind-mapping software products.
is another blog – this time on organizational innovation and mentions the supposed end of innovation, or at least the end of the overuse of the term. Johnathan Vehar points out this article in BusinessWeek (which I, in turn will point out to you)
Innovation Backlash
A Chorus is calling for an end to the hype – and a focus on the fundamentals that drive real bottom-line-boosting innovation
By Reena Jana

They may be predicting a backlash against the over-use of “innovation” but that didn’t stop them from publishing this list not very long ago:

Best Innovation and Design Books for 2006
We looked past obvious titles to compile a list of books that will inform the thinking about innovation beyond this year
by Bruce Nussbaum

A really good idea never goes out of style.

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