Monday, March 19, 2007

Upcoming Staff Training

The Research Network will be giving a 90-minute presentation on Monday, April 30th, from 1:30 to 3:00. The four of us will each spent 15-20 minutes on certain topics that we feel would be of benefit to you in our new electronic age.

The presentation is still a work in progress, but the issues we'll focus on include:

* Overview of our new way of doing things
* Tips on using Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer 7.0, Windows Outlook, blog features, etc.
* Discussion of future projects

And other stuff, too. We'll be sending out e-mail invitations as the date draws nearer. (Obviously, the date and time might still be subject to change. The e-mail invitation will have the official info.)

Obviously, we'd love to have you all there. However, we realize that there'll be other interesting presentations going on at the same time. To help you plan that block of time, we'll be sending out an e-mail that gives a rough idea when each of the four segments will begin. If you can make time to see at least one, we think it'd be worth your time.

See you there!


Jason Chapin - Westchester said...


Can you also discuss the pros and cons of list serves for clients and partners as well as linking to partner Web sites for general information, events, etc.?

warren weil said...

So Darrin, do you realize that I am scheduled to be talking about some of this stuff. Good thing I looked. Now I can bow out of doing it before I really had to spend to much time. THANKS.

Warren Weil

warren weil said...

I'm trying to post the comment that I was asked to do a session and chose a topic that goes into this entire area. So thanks Darin, now I can bow out and don't need to spend my time doing that.