Friday, July 03, 2009

Google vs. Bing

I read an article in USA Today Written by Edward C. Baig, "Google vs. Bing: Bing holds its own in search-off." In the article, Baig compares Bing and Google and identifies some pros and cons of each. He admitted he "Googled 'Bing versus Google'" but it did not occur to him to Bing the search. It seems Google users are conditioned; Googling is a way of life. It is, after all, a verb in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. When Bing entered the playing field, about a month ago, I ignored it due to my instinct to Google and my comfort with Google's familiarity. After reading Baig's article, I decided to take a closer look at Bing. To start, I Binged "Bing versus Google" and came across This site offers a side by side comparison of each search engine for users. After some time on both Google and Bing, Bing is starting to grow on me. I prefer the layout of Bing over Google; it is easy to navigate with fewer clicks. It will take time and testing for me to think to Bing something before I think to Google something, if that ever happens. Bing is certainly worth a closer look, but for now, when I need the number to a pizza place or I want to learn basket weaving, I'll likely turn to Google.


Roger Owen Green said...

Bing Adds Selected Twitter Results; Google Book Search Adds Tag Clouds

1o1 said...

The percentage of search queries is fluctuated. According to research ComScore company, in July Microsoft search engine is slightly shaken the position of Google and Yahoo! the American market of Internet search. Bing was launched two months ago, increased its share to 0.5%, with 8.9% market share. Google and Yahoo! lost by 0,3%. Market share of major search engines, respectively 64.7% and 19.3%.