Friday, July 24, 2009

More Information About the Stimulus

Every day, new information about the stimulus package and how the money is being distributed is talked about in print, online, and television media outlets. The information is overwhelming and confusing and will continue to remain that way until all of the stimulus money has been spent. Over time, recovery websites have tried to make information about the stimulus available in the easy to use maps, charts, and webcasts. Below are links to a few websites that will help provide information on how the money is being spent and where the money is going, as well as a few random articles that deal with other aspects of the stimulus.

Site Maps Stimulus Spending - Information about maps available on the national recovery webpage that help show how much funding is being distributed to each state, how much funding is being provided to each state by each federal department, how the funding is flowing to individual contractors, and how many jobs are being created in the locations.

NYWORKS Webcasts - Available on the NYS Recovery website, these webcasts focus on broad topics related to the stimulus package, including Energy Funding Opportunities, which will air on July 30th at 1:00 P.M.

Businesses Underbidding for Stimulus Projects

How Many Jobs is the Stimulus Creating? Depends Whom You Ask

Budget Boss Defends Stimulus, Sees Joblessness Up

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