Friday, July 17, 2009

Small Business Key to Economic Recovery

Is small business the key to the economic recovery? Past recessions have shown that small business tends to bounce back quicker than big business. Individuals who have been laid-off or fired turn to entrepreneurship to get back into the workforce, in turn creating more jobs and more money for the economy. In my opinion, small business bounces back quicker due to a resiliency that big business does not have. Small business tends to weather difficult times better than big businesses. These points lead to the conclusion that small business IS the key to an economic turnaround. Below is information that supports my opinion.

Will Small Business Lead the Jobs Recovery?

Why Small Business Will Win in this Economy

Small Businesses Most Likely to Lead Economic Recovery

Small Business Role in Economic Recovery

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jonathan said...

Small business don't have much leverage. They are also more flexible to survive the bad unfavorable times.