Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Paper or plastic? Your reading preferences

"Do I love books or do I love reading?"

That's the question Ann Kirschner asks herself in this piece, "Reading Dickens Four Ways" published in the Chronicle of Higher Education. When discussing Little Dorrit in her book club, the author decides to experience the book in four ways: paperback, audiobook, Kindle, and iPhone. You'll have to read the article to discover her preferences, but what are yours?

This discussion also reminds me of how we get information out to you all - how do you like to read what we send? How about your clients? I've done a lot of reading from the computer screen (grad school = no money for printing articles I only needed once), but not everyone is comfortable with that. Do you have the capability of just saving a few of the PDFs we send instead of the whole package? You probably do, but if you're not sure how, please give us a call. Do you find that you're printing out a lot of information for less techno-savvy clients? We're always interested in what happens after our research is complete. We also have a new version of Adobe in the office, so if you have any trouble with the PDFs, please let us know.

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