Thursday, July 09, 2009

YouTube for Instruction

You've probably seen some silly or entertaining tidbit on youtube but the amount of truly useful information on there is growing. I was happy to find a demonstration of how to put my lawnmower together after I re-read the instructions and still wasn't clear on what they wanted me to do. I searched for the brand on youtube and up popped a video showing the thing. When I wanted to understand how cement patios were repaired I could watch someone talk through the process and explain the differences between the different products. It is a great resource for businesses to demonstrate how a product is used or assembled. Instead of leaving a help desk number as the only recourse when there is a problem, a web address for an informational video might be more useful. Complementary health practitioners could show how ear candling or neti pots work or a autobody work specialist can demonstrate how they remove dents. Instructional videos can be another loop in the business-owner's marketing toolbelt.
So, there is one more reason to visit youtube besides learning to use chopsticks or solve a rubik's cube.

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Jeff said...

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