Monday, August 06, 2012

How to Describe Your Products: Lessons from the Eddie Bauer Catalog

From StepByStep Marketing - I imagine this would also be applicable to services:

It is tempting to rely exclusively on the verb "to have" when you are writing copy that describes your products. The lawnmower you are selling has a pull start, for example. It has a bag that catches grass clippings. It has oversize wheels. It has a comfortable handle.
Repetitive copy like that doesn't capture the reader's attention, which explains why advertising writers often use alternatives to the verb "to have" in the copy they write:
•"These shorts feature a comfortable mesh lining."
•"This hammock sports a built-in comfort pillow."
•"Our consultants possess all the knowledge you need to make wiser business choices."
•"The design embodies all the extra features that enthusiasts will ever need."

Those are more energetic alternatives, but there are other ways...

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