Wednesday, August 01, 2012

So Simple (just a little more)

Sam Parker shows "a line of 4 people waiting for my bank to open (more were in their cars). I took the picture at 9:02 am – two minutes after they were supposed to open.

"The fact is... this line happens frequently at this particular bank. It starts with people sitting in their cars about 10 minutes before the bank is supposed to open and then with about 5 minutes to go, it changes to a line of standing people.

"Why wouldn't they just open the door and start helping people? Why wouldn't they Smile & Move or be 212? Why wouldn't the leader (with a title or not) encourage a little more effort and attention?

"Here's my suggestion...

"We open our doors (actual and metaphorical) a minimum of 10 minutes before our established opening time and close them a minimum of 10 minutes later than our established closing time. Then we remind ourselves and our colleagues to get over ourselves and let our customers in and not push our customers out.

"With this... we'll send the people we serve an authentic message of our gratitude for the opportunity to serve them... so they'll be more likely to stay with us (over going somewhere else)."

Offices opening late are the bane of my existence as a customer!

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