Wednesday, December 30, 2015

9 Tips for Launching Your Business on Instagram

Set up the basics

Create a logo you love and a description that clearly, powerfully and simply explains what you're going to do. Include an email for people to contact. Then, create a landing site that briefly explains what is "coming soon" and a place to capture emails. We used Launchrock, which took under 10 minutes to set up.

Plan your content

You're going to need lots of quality content that reflects your brand. It's important to create a look that people will recognize as your own. Keeping this in mind in the beginning will also make it a lot simpler to decide what to post. We wanted to feature moms with their kids and share their stories. Now this is what people expect when they come to our feed. Be mindful of the fact that Instagram is a photography driven platform and images need to be clear, beautiful and interesting.

Remember that timing matters

To ensure you are posting at the best time of day for your market and reaching as many people as you can, use Iconosquare to see when your followers are active. You can use Latergramme to schedule your posts in advance (so if you're exhausted and in bed by the time your users are active, your technology can do the work for you).

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