Friday, December 04, 2015

The Salvation Army Just Killed Your Excuse That You're "Out of Change"

Last year, Slate’s Jordan Weissmann observed that the rise of e-payments might be changing the way we tip. At coffee shops where we once might have tossed our change into a jar, services like Square now prompt us to pay much more. This has been a boon for baristas and others who depend on gratuities, since they otherwise might not receive anything from the swipe of a credit card. Now street-level charities like the Salvation Army are getting in on the action, testing the waters of our digital generosity.

This experiment comes via DipJar, a New York-based company that makes small canister-like credit card receptacles. When you slide a card into one of them, it automatically charges a set amount—typically a dollar, though merchants can set it to other quantities—to the attached account. The machines produce a satisfying dinging sound as the payment goes through, clearly indicating to all involved that a virtuous act has been performed.

Now, as BostInno’s Dylan Matt reports, DipJar has branded some of its units in the style of Salvation Army’s red kettles to complement the charity’s annual fundraising campaign. Dipjar is distributing the units to retail stores and other locations throughout Colorado and southern California. As Matt explains, because the devices have their “own payment processing service,” they “can help retail stores raise money for The Salvation Army without having to take money that goes through their bookkeeping.”

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