Monday, December 07, 2015

Entrepreneurship 101: The Best Sites for Young Entrepreneurs

When starting a business, it is important to know where to get the best information. The basics of sales, marketing, and advertising are all topics to keep in mind while laying the groundwork. Here's a list of some sites to keep in mind.

1. Score

These sites cover many topics like financing and marketing. They also have a search box tool for narrowing down information.

2. SBDCMichigan

The Michigan SBDC created an online workshop for small business owners. Each class follows topics like Writing a Business Plan,Marketing Your Business, Financial Management, Business Legal Issues, and more.

SBA Starting Managing Business

The Small Business Administration offers free information in all aspects of starting a business. They also offer a regularly updated "Guide to Starting a Business."

4. Ecorner
Ted Talks

Many who are looking to start a business value information from success stories. People find sites like Ted Talks to contain valuable information from insightful contributors.These three sites share videos from successful entrepreneurs.

5. Libguides

The ALA BRASS site for small business and entrepreneurship information is maintained by business librarians, and keeps up to date with useful resources.

7. US Chamber Small Business Nation

The United States Chamber of Commerce (USCoC) is a helpful site for anyone in the small business community. They have section named "small business toolkit" where they cover topics like custom legal documents, cyber security, purchasing and inventory, and more.

Contributions made by: Jennifer Boettcher, Jared Hoppenfeld, Amelia Kassel, Hal P. Kirkwood, Mary G. Scanlon, Penny Scott, Carey Toane, Tim Tully , Trevor L. Winn

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