Monday, December 28, 2015

Here Are 12 Things Entrepreneurs Say Are Invaluable

What is one thing that is absolutely essential for running your business?

1. Taking input from your employees

Your employees are your greatest resource.

They see a side of the business that you might miss. They are around your product day in and day out, and might have a great idea for its improvement.

So, are you taking advantage of this resource—or taking it for granted?

Mark Daoust of Quiet Light Brokerage, Inc., says that his employee input is “the most valuable asset” he has in his company.

“Even though I am 100 percent owner of my company, I don’t make any significant decisions without consulting multiple people within my company,” he says.

He adds: “They see the business from a completely different perspective, which I simply can’t get.”

2. Scheduling time for your personal life

When you’re starting out, it makes sense that your personal life takes a back seat.

In that mad rush to get your business up and running, you might have slacked when it came to time with friends, date night with your partner, or just time for yourself.

However, once you’ve achieved a little more routine, it’s important to schedule in time for your life outside of work.

“Personal appointments have to be considered just as important (or even more important) than the work meetings you have on your book,” says Cassie Petrey of Crowd Surf.

“When I block off a dinner with friends, a movie date with my boyfriend, a dentist appointment, attending a wedding, or anything else in my calendar, those times are completely unavailable for meetings.”

While it might be hard to follow at first, it’s great advice.

Not only will it make your life feel more balanced, but you’ll look forward to tackling work projects, instead of seeing them as a chore.

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